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Should there be an amendment to the state constitution that prevents publicly funded universities from banning the American flag?


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Political Reform

  • ca SB 21: Political Reform Act of 1974: gifts of travel. Read More
  • ca AB 44: Elections: statewide recounts. Read More
  • ca AB 10: Political Reform Act of 1974: economic interest disclosures. Read More
  • ca AB 31: Members of the Legislature and Congress: domicile: voting fraud. Read More
  • ca SB 163: Wastewater treatment: recycled water. Read More
  • ca SB 283: Elections: ballot titles and summaries. Read More
  • ca SB 415: Voter participation. Read More
  • ca AB 254: Election dates. Read More
  • ca AB 12: State government: administrative regulations: review. Read More